Vegetation Management

South Bay Clean Creeks Coalition encourages and participates in invasive plant removal to promote waterway health. Invasive plants such as anise, ivy, and arundo overuse valuable water and spread aggressively in our mild climate, but they don’t provide any tree shade, so nearby water temperatures rise above what our wildlife needs to sustain a healthy environment. On the other hand, native oaks spread their limbs across the water and promote cooler waters for a much more conducive ecosystem for all of us.

Anise removal

In 2016, we secured the necessary permit approvals to launch an invasive plant removal project on private property along the Los Gatos Creek in Campbell.

We will be seeking additional sites and partnerships as we are working toward improving the habitat along our local waterways.

In late 2017, we worked with the local Conservation Corps teams to clear wood and trash debris along the Coyote Creek. Bio Mass removalFunding was provisioned through Council Member Tam Nguyen’s office. This work was but a small piece of a combined effort by SBCCC and Santa Clara Valley Water District City of San Jose to help prevent future flooding and to create a fish-friendly environment.