About Coyote Creek

high school students dragging trashSouth Bay Clean Creeks Coalition’s work on the Coyote Creek resulted from our acquisition of Friends of Coyote Creek Watershed, who organized frequent and well-attended cleanups with High School students in the area, while focusing in the reaches of Coyote Creek near Naglee Park.

Coyote Creek has been hard-hit by homeless activity all along the creek banks. The infamous “Jungle” was on the shores of the Coyote Creek and was home to hundreds of homeless individuals in a spontaneously created encampment. Our mission is to create a clean and aesthetically beautiful creek environment for citizen enjoyment, and to create healthy environmental conditions for the fish, plants, and other wildlife that make their home in or along the Creek. We will be:

  • Conducting cleanups in and near the downtown areas of San Jose.paw print
  • We will promote the health of the steelhead trout and Chinook salmon population by removing barriers that prevent steelhead migration to their high quality spawning and rearing grounds in the upper watershed. And later this spring we will also be developing “Do It Yourself” nature walks along the trails of the Coyote Creek to enhance community interaction with the watershed environment.